Bravbo™ LED Magnifier Glasses

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1 Flexible LED Magnifier for All Your Close-Up Viewing!

Unlock a World of Clarity and Precision – Buy Now and Save!

  • Adjustable Bracket Frame For Single-eye Use 
  • Variable Magnification
  • Dimmable LED Lights
  • Stretchable Glasses Legs
  • Versatile for Home and Work

Hands-free For Easy Viewing Of Small Prints And Details!

LED Glasses Magnifier is a head-mounted magnifier for close-up viewing. Recommended by professional jewelers and watchmakers, it is not only suitable for professionals but also for viewing newspapers, drug instructions, skin, plants, and animals.

The ergonomically designed glasses frame provides comfort for all your viewing, making it the perfect gift for anyone who needs to see small objects!

It's Time to Ditch the Handheld Magnifier!

★ 3 Interchangeable Lens

3 different magnifications can be interchanged quickly. If this magnifier is used for long time, may use two lens barrels alternately to eliminate visual fatigue and improve work efficiency.

★ Detachable Bracket and Headband

Comfortable eyeglass frame or switch to headband to ensure tight wearing and reduce fatigue for long time use.

Head Mounted Design

Our head-mounted magnifier with LED light is for close observation. It is light and does not slip off, ensuring firm wear and reducing fatigue during long-term use.

Suitable For Most People's Head

The stretchable glass arms can be adjusted to the appropriate length, making it suitable for most people's heads. You will not have any discomfort from the arms pressing on your head.

Variable Magnification

Each eyepiece comes with an 8x lens, and an optional 15x extension lens can be installed to increase magnification to 23x. This allows you to confidently view any small object!

Incredibly Versatile

This eyeglass magnifier features adjustable magnification, LED light brightness, and lens arm length to provide you with a clear view without shadows!

It is suitable for a variety of tasks, including carving, circuit repair, mechanical manufacturing, viewing blueprints, reading newspapers, macro photography with a smartphone, and more...

Don't miss the opportunity to enhance your vision, transform your hobbies, and improve your daily tasks. Simplify your experience and unlock a world of details with LED eyeglass magnifiers.

What Our Customers Say About LED Glasses Magnifier

These glasses make my coin collecting hobby even more fun. The magnification and lighting help me examine the fine details of each coin, and the comfortable fit allows me to wear them for hours without discomfort.           - Louis. S – Houston, TX

To be honest, I never thought I would need LED magnifiers, but now I can't imagine life without them. They are useful for tasks such as threading needles, reading small text on packaging, and inspecting intricate artwork.            -Joan. P - Reno, NV

These are almost 100% definitely way better than the traditional handheld jeweler's loupe. You are definitely able to see more because you not doing the "hand shakes". I use it to read old books and medical instructions. You can even hold a lens in front of a phone camera lens to take crazy deep pictures of the smallest defects!   -Steve. A - Denver, CO

I have a new obsession! Mini crochet! I normally have to wear reading glasses to crochet with yarn, but now I'm crocheting with thread and these are exactly what I needed to see my tiny projects! I look silly lol but at least I can see now! So awesome! If you need to see up close and personal these will do the trick!          -Hayley. C - Houston, TX

Please note: The focal length of this magnifying glass is not adjustable. Observe the object according to the actual situation, and the clearest is the most suitable viewing distance. It may not work for individuals that have AMB (macular degeneration) and others with severe vision loss

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