Bravbo™Pure Copper Magnetic Therapy Health Bracelet

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Achieve pain-free and younger body in 1 month!

Relieve pains in body regardless of the cause byboosting blood circulation with magnetic therapy.

Read about our customers Jayson Lewis and Drake Johnson’s Bravbo™Copper Magnetic Therapy Bracelet

"I can't say enough good things about the  MagRelief Bracelet. It's helped me manage my arthritis pain so effectively that I've been able to reduce my reliance on pain medication. Plus, it's so easy to use - I can slip it on and off with ease, and it doesn't impede my movement or get in the way of my daily activities. It's been a total lifesaver for me." -⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐Flynn, 44, West Virginia

"I am almost 70 years old and I have severe pain, swelling, redness and severe pain in my hands due to arthritis caused by gout. I am on medication every day. During follow-up I was shocked to hear that my blood pressure was very high , 192/90! The doctor said that taking medicine will cause high blood pressure, and suggested exercise, but my body is limited. Later, my friend recommended Bravbo™Copper Magnetic Therapy Bracelet, and I also bought one. I used it for 1 month Afterwards, my blood pressure dropped to 119/77! It felt like a massage relieved the pressure. The pain was almost completely gone, and I could go up and down stairs without straining. The swelling was almost gone too, and the bony inflammation it caused had been greatly reduced. Strongly Recommended for anyone prone to high blood pressure..." -James Abraham

"At first, my hallux valgus wasn't too severe and I didn't think much about it. But as time went on, my feet started to swell and hurt more and more, and the joints became misshapen. I was eventually diagnosed with I had to start various treatments, none of which were sustainable. The pain was unbearable until I discovered Bravbo™Copper Magnetic Therapy Bracelet.

After only a week of use, I can already feel the difference. My feet are warm, the blood flow is fast, and the swelling is starting to subside. After sixteen weeks of use, joint inflammation and pain disappeared, bones became healthy, and deformed joints returned to their original shape. I'm so relieved to have discovered something that actually works, and I'm determined to tell everyone I know about this orthopedic superstar. ” - Leon, 43, Denver, Colorado.


Arthritis is a debilitating disease that affects millions of people worldwide.  In the United States, 24% of all adults, or 58.5 million people, have arthritis. It causes pain, stiffness, and swelling in the joints, making it difficult to carry out even the simplest of tasks. 

As cartilage wears away, bone starts to rub against bone, causing pain and inflammation. The body responds by producing more fluid in the joint, which can lead to swelling and stiffness. Over time, this process can cause permanent damage to the joint, making it difficult to move and causing chronic pain.

The dangers of joint disease‼ ️:

Orthopedic diseases can occur due to a variety of factors, including age-related degeneration, overuse or injury, genetics, and certain medical conditions such as diabetes or rheumatoid arthritis. Poor posture, poor nutrition, and certain types of work or sports can also increase the risk of developing an orthopedic condition.

 According to statistics, 35% of the population in the US and Europe suffer from joint problems, with varying degrees of joint problems in every five people. The milder cases include arthritis, rheumatism, and gout, with symptoms such as pain, stiffness, swelling, difficulty in movement, fatigue, and loss of range of motion. Severe cases can result in joint deformities, fever, and intense joint pain, which can lead to long-term pain and disability. In extreme cases, orthopedic diseases can even lead to life-threatening complications.


Today, wide changes have occurred in the life of all people. Malnutrition, unhealthy diet, smoking, alcohol consumption, drug abuse, stress, and so on, are the presentations of an unhealthy lifestyle that causes various health risks.


The basic idea with copper bracelets is that our bodies are deficient in copper and that copper will be leached from the bracelets into the skin to ease joint inflammation and stimulate blood flow.

Magnets, when placed against the skin influences the circulation of iron in the blood, which helps deliver nutrients to the joints. 

Millions of people worldwide are affected by diabetes, which is a chronic and serious condition marked by high levels of blood sugar that result from the body's inability to produce or utilize insulin effectively. High blood sugar can be caused by a variety of factors, including overeating, a lack of physical activity, stress, hormonal imbalances, or medication side effects.

How can the Bravbo™Copper Magnetic Therapy Bracelet help me?

  • Helps with keeping bones healthy - Copper encourages the body to make osteoblasts which can help reshape and strengthen bone tissue.

  • Enhances blood circulation - Improves blood flow to nearby joints which allows those areas to heal faster and have less inflammation.

  • Anti-oxidant properties - Helps bring healing nutrients to joints like vitamin C, iron and helps eliminate waste, toxins, and promotes the transport of oxygen through the blood stream. 

  • Better overall health & wellness - Improves balance, strength, flexibility and allows for easier movement.

  • Reduces inflammation, redness, swelling, stiffness - Over the long term this reduced inflammation helps protect ligaments and joints from future damage. 

  • Reduces stress - Improves positive energy in the body and provides stress relief.

  • Relieves pain - Reduces lactic acid and calcium deposits. Magnetic waves urge the body to deliver endorphins quicker which can help diminish agony.


"I have suffering pain and I have arthritis for long time. I wasn't able to have good night sleep, because every time when I turn my body my knee joint was so painful that I feel like somebody twisting my leg and my body feel so much pain. I bought this copper bracelet because the description state that it is effective Relief Of Joint Pain, Arthritis, RSI, Carpal Tunnel. When I received the package I put it on and I wear it all night. Surprisingly this copper bracelet works. I was able to turn my body without feeling any knee joint pain and I don't feel body pain. For the first time in a long time that I am able to have a wonderful sleep and wake up without any pain. Since I wear this I don't feel any pain. Thanks to this copper bracelet my life changed. I feel enjoy life without pain."- Donny Mann

"I was very skeptical at first about this, but seeing as my mom, who has Arthritis, would constantly wake up crying because of the pain she was feeling at night, I thought I would buy this for her and give it a shot. It has definitely helped her so much! I’m glad I bought it she seems to really like it and has told me her pain has been reduced a lot and she hardly even feels any type of pain on her arms anymore."- Jenna S

Magnetism works by attracting iron in the blood, increasing circulation and assisting in pain and stress relief. It also works to maintain good health restoring a more restful sleep pattern and increasing energy levels. 

Medical experts have found that magnetic bracelets stimulate the body’s own blood pressure and microcirculation regulation mechanism by continuously stimulating the meridians of the wrists and shoulders and neck.  This helps in the prevention of hypertension and cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases. 

Copper magnetic jewellery can promote blood circulation in the human body, regulate the endocrine system, increase the internal circulation dynamics and provide an auxiliary treatment effect for back pain, limb numbness, dizziness, insomnia and specifically helps with arthritic pain.

Wear your bracelet on the wrist that contains the pressure points you would like to affect.  If you are experiencing back pain for example wear the bracelet on your left wrist, because the acupressure points for the spine are nearby.  If you are suffering from gastrointestinal problems you would want to wear your bracelet on your right wrist.

Remove your bracelet when showering, bathing or engaging in any activity that would cause it to be submerged. This protects your bracelet from damage or soap-scum buildup.

If you are pregnant, wearing a pacemaker or insulin pump, it is not recommended to wear magnetic jewellery.