Car Sun Shades

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🌞Take these on for your car to avoid aging and fading. 🚗

Are your kids complaining too much about the sunlight and heat in the back seat? Worried about your kids getting too much sun when in your car? The car side window shade can protect your loved ones from the sun in their car seats! ❤️

✅Eliminate sun glare. Reduce ultraviolet radiation. Lowers the temperatures in the car.

✅Your new car seat interior material also can be avoided by aging and fade. 

✅Prevents your children from getting burned or overheated. 
✅Avoid glare, high temperatures and protect privacy better in the car. 
✅It is so light that you can easily fold it into a compact size that fits into a car storage box when not in use. Support machine washing.


  • Travel comfortable - Roll down windows and breathe in fresh air while blocking sunlight and glare off your kids' eyes. Keeps vehicle much cooler when parked.
  • Safety designed with larger holes so it does not obstruct your visibility while driving yet providing the best protection against harsh rays, heat and bugs.
  • Easy to install and adjustable so it will fit your rear side windows, Universal fit so you can use it on most types of cars (truck, van, jeep or SUV).
  • Made from high quality nylon mesh fabric which is machine washable and extremely durable- Must -have for family road trips.



  • Material: nylon mesh
  • Color: Black
  • Style:  front window (2 pack) or rear window (2 pack) or front&rear window(4 pack) or rear window(4 pack)


  • front window (2 pack) or rear window (2 pack) or front & rear window(4 pack) or rear window(4 pack)